About Us

We have one goal in mind with our pools.

When we sell a pool, it has to be perfect.  That’s why why we are so proud of designing and developing the fiberglass inserts for our pools.  The last thing we want is a family to buy a pool and have rust issues in just a couple years.  We are driven to be better than every other container pool company in every way.

About Us

Hi my name is Sheldon Trieb and own and operate Midwest Container Pools in a small town just outside Kansas City. Thank you for your interest in our pools, we are excited to transform not only the shipping container pool industry but the way people think about pools in general.

At 18 years old in 2000 I got my first job in the pool industry as an installer of above ground pools, that led to being a crew lead and eventually breaking out on my own as a contractor building above ground and inground liner pools.  For my crew, efficiency and perfection were number one.  By 2008 we had built hundreds of pools when the economy crashed and pool sales practically came to a standstill so a career change was the only option.  I ended up joining the Ironworkers union and spent my days playing with cranes and welders until 2016 when I started what would become the leading spray foam insulation company in the midwest.

Our start

For years I thought shipping containers were an awesome platform for projects.  So much to a point that I unsuccessfully tried to convince my wife to build a house out of shipping containers.  As I constantly scrolled through cool container projects, I started to see them used as swimming pools and really took notice.  With my years of prior pool experience I could really break down how cool and cost effective they were and pretty well became obsessed with them for years!

During 2021 when the spray foam industry was finally feeling the effects of covid I had some free time to build our first container pool.  Mimicking the ones I’ve seen online we cut the top off the container, welded in the all steel floor, railing around the top of the walls, stairs, landing, and started prepping for paint. I had seen in forums and FB pages that a lot of these container pools had issues with the interior coatings failing so I was on a mission to NOT have this issue.  We sandblasted the entire interior of the pool, used an exotic metal etching compound, and sourced the highest rated epoxy primer and paint for metal pools on the market. At this point I thought we had a foolproof plan and everything was going great.  I sold that pool to a local guy that had watched our build process through my personal Facebook page. 

It was three months later before we could deliver the pool because the customer was waiting on the concrete for the pool area to be finished and we had the pool sitting beside our shop.  When we pumped the rain water out to clean it before delivery ALL THE PAINT bubbled and delaminated.  At that point I had to make a phone call that made me feel terrible telling the customer we had an issue and that we would figure it out and get it right.  We agreed to get the pool installed the following spring since summer was already over.  Back to the drawing board…

Regrouping I decided that a fiberglass interior made more sense so the search was on.  During the winter we designed our mold and found a company to work with us to produce the custom liners and we were off! While building our first pool with the fiberglass shell we also had a chance to include our spray foam background.  The fiberglass needed to be secured in the container in a seamless way, and injection foam was the perfect material for that. 

With the fiberglass interior I truly feel like we have the absolute best shipping container pool on the market in the US.  We only use Pentair products, PPG paints, and brand new 20′ containers.  Coupling this with our fiberglass shells and injection foam, there is little to nothing that can go wrong with these pools and they should last for 15 years or more with little to no issues.  That was a big deal with these, since we ship them all over the country, I had to design a product that would be worry free and have a great warranty.  I feel like we met those standards.

Moving forward, we are designing more interior shells with different layouts.  Expanding our facilities and gearing up to increase our production as we grow at a rapid pace.  My 18 year old son, Brenden, has taken an interest in learning every aspect of the build process next to our welders and painters with the idea that one day he will take control of the company and bring some fresh ideas as we transition out of the spray foam industry and focus solely on pools.

Our start

My name is Sheldon Trieb.  Throughout the years I have worked in many industries that have all had a positive impact on how we build our swimming pools. In the early 2000’s I was a swimming pool contractor, after the 2008 economy collapse I became a Union Ironworker and then in 2016 I started a spray foam insulation company. 

I believe in efficiency, naturally looking at a project or issue and breaking down how to best go about it with precision and that has been a major part of how we run MCP giving us the ability to offer a far superior pool over our competitors at a price comparable to the others without compromise.

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Our Collaborative Journey: Building Excellence with Expert Partners

Chapman Services - Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication team at Chapman Services plays a crucial role in crafting the durable shells of our container pools. With years of experience in building multi-million dollar soil and asphalt equipment, their expertise ensures efficient preparation of each container.

Meister Integrated Composites, LLC - Fiberglass Shell Molds

Partnering with Meister Integrated Composites, LLC has been pivotal in creating custom fiberglass shell molds for liners and stair sections. Led by Richard Meister, a highly regarded figure in the composites industry, their contribution is integral to our entire design process.

Spray on Systems - Spray Foam and Insulation

Our sister company, Spray on Systems, specializes in handling the spray foam for filling the void between the shell and container. This process not only ensures insulation but also contributes to the overall structural integrity of our container pools.

Clearwater Pools and Spas - Assembly and Design

Collaborating with Clearwater Pools and Spas in Leavenworth, KS, adds finesse to our assembly and design processes. The Clearwater crew, known for building some of the most amazing pools in the Midwest, brings their expertise to elevate the quality of our container pools.

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