Complete Package Pricing - From $40,560 plus shipping

As of 2024, our offering includes a 20′ container pool with a standard pool area across all models. The package comprises:

Each pool comes standard with the following components:

Please note:

Original Above Ground

Starting at $42,960

original above ground shipping container pool

This pool features integrated exterior stairs at one end, eliminating the need for a separate deck with stairs. You can still add a deck to the back side of the pool while fully utilizing the built-in stairs, providing both convenience and versatility in your pool design.

Pool Without Exterior Stairs

Starting at $40,560

shipping container pool without exterior stairs

This pool is perfect for being enclosed by a deck or installed inground. The decking can seamlessly extend over the capped end of the container, effectively concealing the pump area underneath for a clean and streamlined look.

Pool/Spa Combo

Starting at $47,736

shipping container pool spa combo with 2 person hot tub

This pool features a two-person hot tub at one end, complete with its own pump, filter, and heater for a self-contained and luxurious experience. Alternatively, it can be configured as a lounge area without the heater, offering flexible options to suit your preferences.

Propane or Natural Gas Heater

Price: $3,154

propane or natural gas heater for shipping container pool


Salt Water Chlorination System

Price: $1,674


Cold Weather Electric Heat Pump

Price: $4,656

cold weather electric heat pump for shipping container pool


Automatic Safety Cover

Price: $14,844


Pentair UV System

Price: $1,508

pentair UV system for shipping container pool


Upgrade - Waterline Tile

Price: $2,760


Note: Prices are subject to change, and additional installation charges may apply. Contact us for customized quotes and further details.

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